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Dr.-Ing. Gennaro Senatore

Prof. Dr. Lucio Blandini 


Dr.-Ing. Gennaro Senatore

Prof. Dr. Lucio Blandini



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Donnerstags 11:30 to 13:00


Seminar Master (Bau, IuI): Modulnummer: 25320 Prüfungsnummer: 25321

Seminar Bachelor (Arch): Modulnummer: 48340 Prüfungsnummer: 48341


The integration of sensing and actuation technologies with structural mechanics and optimization enables the design of novel and highly efficient structural systems for civil and mechanical engineering applications. Using sensors to monitor the structural state and actuators to counteract the effect of loads such as wind, earthquakes and vehicular traffic, enables considerable material and greenhouse gas savings compared to conventional passive structures. This is because, through structural adaptation, the load transfer can be manipulated to satisfy stress and displacement limits and to meet typical requirements for stiffness and strength more efficiently under a variety of loading scenarios. Employing adaptation in combination with structural optimization enables new designs such as super slender tall buildings and long-span bridges. Similar considerations apply to adaptive envelopes (i.e., façades), whereby adaptation is employed to control indoor conditions (e.g., daylight, temperature, humidity, etc.) to increase comfort and reduce energy consumption, e.g., for cooling. 

In the master’s module Ultralight Construction, students will learn the basics of a new theoretical paradigm for designing adaptive structures and envelopes. The characteristics of adaptive structural systems as well as basic design approaches and methods will be discussed. The relationships between function, material, and form that are inherent in ultra-lightweight systems will be discussed conceptually and evaluated through case studies. Conceptual and computational workflows will be transferred to produce digital prototypes.

The course is designed for students of civil engineering and architecture as well as real estate engineering and management.

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Gennaro Senatore


Leitung Arbeitsgruppe "Adaptive Tragwerke"

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Lucio Blandini

Prof. Dr.-Ing. M.Arch.


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