HydroSKIN honoured with German Design Award 2024 - GOLD

11. März 2024

HydroSKIN represents a revolutionary façade technology to reduce pluvial flooding and urban heat: The lightweight, textile skin absorbs the wind-driven rainwater hitting the building façade. Its use inside the building reduces water and energy consumption. During hot season, HydroSKIN releases water to cool the exterior and interior environment sustainably by evaporation. Thanks to their lightweight system design, HydroSKIN elements can be easily retrofitted to both new and existing buildings. Photo credit: © Universität Stuttgart.

HydroSKIN - Gold Building and Elements

"HydroSKIN: Façade for Urban Rainwater Retention and Evaporative Cooling"

HydroSKIN [double] awarded at World of Architecture Festival!
29 November - 1 December 2023 | Singapore

World Architecture Festival

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