Hamburg Hoch Hinaus

LV-Nr. 310010000


48300 Enwurfsstudio Leichtbau und Energie (Arch)
103930 Entwurfsstudio Hochhäuser (Bau | IuI)


Prof. Lucio Blandini


Benedikt Strahm (M.Sc.)
Bernd Köhler



Weekday & Time:

Tuesdays, 09:00 -11:00 

Teaching Content

High-rise buildings could be an answer to the increasing urbanization of the world's population and the demand for urban densification is also increasing in Germany. Particularly striking are the urban developments in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, where large areas are being redeveloped.

What could a high-rise building for Hamburg look like? What measures can be taken to make high-rise buildings a socially and ecologically sustainable alternative to lower buildings?

This draft aims to find an answer to these questions. Building on the winter semester seminar "Sustainable Highrise", the content taught in this seminar on the subject of high-rise buildings can now be applied in practice. Participation in this design is also possible without prior participation in the "Sustainable Highrise" seminar.

Together with students of civil engineering, not only the architecturally relevant parameters are worked on, but also topics relating to the structural components and sustainability.

The best designs will have the opportunity to take part in the internationally recognized CTBUH Student Design Competition at the end of July.


The design will take place in groups of 3 people. Attention will be paid to a mix with students of civil engineering, who will, for example, take over the design of the supporting structure. The aim is to combine 2 architects with a civil engineer in one group.

The supervisions will take place weekly preferably in presence but otherwise digitally via WebEx. There will also be tours during the semester.

Furthermore, the aim is to offer a two-day excursion to Frankfurt am Main.

Students who have already taken part in the Sustainable Highrise seminar in the winter semester will be given priority for a design place.

This image shows Benedikt Strahm

Benedikt Strahm


Research Assistant

This image shows Bernd Köhler

Bernd Köhler


Research Assistant

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